Inspiration | Apps That Enrich Your Life

When you’re bored sitting on a train commuting home and you open your phone, what do you normally do? Open Instagram? Read the news? Scroll down Facebook endlessly for an hour?

When is the last time you were thoughtful about what you curated on your phone? We spend so much time on our devices. All that content, everything we take in, becomes a part of our reality. In fact, each person spends on average of 73 hours a month in apps alone.

So, how apps do you have that enrich your life in meaningful ways? If the answer is not many, we’re here to help change that.

Here are our suggestions for apps that spread kindness, do good for the community, and all around enrich your life.

Stay In Touch With Family


Send photos as postcards anytime to the people you love from your phone. It’s a simple way to stay connected.

Marco Polo

It’s a video walkie talkie, if you will. You can have your whole family on one chat and record videos that never get deleted. It’s like a virtual ongoing conversation, and you never have to try to remember what your last post was like Snapchat.

Social Impact:

The United Nations Share the Meal

It costs $.50 to feed one child for a day. Share a meal with a hung child with the tap of a phone. The UN World Food Programme provides the food, and they show you where the meals are delivered and what the progress is.

Olio Food Sharing

Olio connects neighbors with one another, and with local shops so surplus food and other items can be shared, not thrown away. Almost 700,000 people and businesses are part of the revolution.


Shop and list gently used kids clothes to raise money for their schools. Find your kids school and start a fundraiser.


Volunteer at an NGO, or stay in hostels or in family homes around the world exchanging skills for accommodation. You can research the best volunteer opportunity and apply, plan and book all in one place.

Soothe Your Mind:


This app is designed for meditation and relaxation. It has over 100 guided meditations, a library of sleep stories, masterclasses and calm body programs. So you can relax anywhere, anytime in your hectic day.


This app was designed with the science of positive psychology. It brings you tools to help you through every emotion with easy exercises that can start to build habits over time. it has a multitude of engaging activities that are fun, and bound to make a difference on your wellbeing.