A Week With Samantha Runkel: Winter In Mallorca

Perhaps you’ve been to a very crowded tourist destination, there you stand among throngs of people admiring the beauty of an unfamiliar place. But have you ever thought about the impacts of that many people on the very land you stand on?

In this article Samantha brings us into the beauty of Mallorca, and sheds light on what is developing and changing from an overtourism standpoint.

“I think about it often. What I as a traveler am doing to our planet, what we as a collective are doing to our planet. With 1.3 billion travelers last year, it seems unsustainable to the most fragile places. Not only to our natural ecology, but our cultural ecology. Junipero Serra himself traveled in the 18th century over 25,000 miles over the course of his lifetime. Are we as humans designed to migrate, explore, colonize- or to evolve to preserve it?”

You can read the full article here .