March Book of the Month: Mom & Me & Mom by Dr. Maya Angelou

Here at Good, Wise and Wonderful, we have leveled-up and re-launched. We chose a book for March that aligns with our “why” and our mission for the month of March.

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This months book is Mom & Me & Mom by Maya Angelou.

This book is a beautiful alignment with the genesis the Good, Wise and Wonderful brand. Every day before I left the house my Mother would kiss me on my forehead and say, “go be good, wise and wonderful today”. When I would get home she would ask me one question, “What was good today, my darling?”.

That simple framing helped me walk into the world looking for wonderful things, instead of letting apathy dictate my days. When times were tough, as they almost always were, it was the armor that I walked into the world with.

Mom & Me & Mom is an intricate look at her relationship with her Mother, Vivian Baxter. It is the seventh, and final autobiography, by Dr. Angelou.

As all of her books are, this is a simple read with a profound message. The beauty of her writing isn’t lost in complicated vocabulary, it takes you on the journey with brevity and humility.

Every Mother and daughter should pick up this book and read it together. You’ll walk away with a deep appreciation for the love that is shared between Mother and Daughter, flaws and all. So grab a copy for your family, your best friend, and any Mom out there.

This is truly a Good, Wise and Wonderful read to start the Spring season.