Connection | A Week With Samantha Runkel

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Meet Samantha Runkel

What’s Good, Wise and Wonderful about Samantha? Just about everything. This week we are featuring her incredible stories from her travels around the globe with her family. Get to know her a little bit more each day, as we launch content that will take you inside some of the most remote places in the world.

Born and raised in Southern California, now residing in Nuremburg, Germany, she’s a stunning beauty with a vibrant and International intellect. Funny, self deprecating and wildly talented. She’s your cool friend that you tell stories about. The one who somehow fits more into one day than there seem to be hours, and makes you feel like you should expand beyond your own views and walls.

She’s a recording artist and song writer, and has toured extensively with bands like Dave Matthews and Ziggy Marley. She’s played Bonnarroo and Austin City Limits.

She’s traveled the world with her husband Michael Runkel, who is a travel photographer and has been to all 193 U.N. Nations and photographed 670 UNESCO World Heritage Sites. He’s one of the 10 most travelled people in the world according to Nomad Mania. Their love story is something out of a novel. They met on an Expedition ship in the middle of Antarctica, and then decided to keep traveling together after that.

Not only did they travel the world together, they eventually traveled the world with their then 8 month old daughter Sia to countries like Namibia, Japan, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

She’s involved philanthropically with Surfrider, Patagonia, Every Mother Counts, and Musicians Without Borders which brings music into conflict zones to help heal the effects of war.

I met her on an extraordinary volunteer adventure in Nicaragua with the organization called SYRV, which was a pivot point in both of our lives. It was such a BIG emotional experience curated by Monique Evans. We built a community center in Jiquillio so the women would have a place to allow their trades to make them income, and provided water filters to schools and homes. A shared experience that would leave us life long friends.

Her blog, is some of my favorite reading. She tells the stories of her travels across the world from the Vanuatu land divers, to the maternal wisdom of he Himba women, to standing in Yemen months before the coup d’etat in 2014.

So stay tuned all week for the release of one of her incredible stories, and cap off the week with a podcast where she brings us into the magic of it all.