Good, Wise & Wonderful: Our Why


I’m Jessica Frankovelgia

Founder & Curator of Good, Wise and Wonderful

We are a media company with the mission to create a community of inspired, courageous, empathetic and empowered women around the world.

The name Good, Wise and Wonderful holds a lot of power for me. Every day growing up when I would leave the house, my Mother would kiss me on the forehead and say, “Go be good, wise and wonderful today”. When I would get home she would ask me one question, “what was good today, my darling?”.

It was that framing that made me see the world as inherently good despite the apathetic rhetoric on the news and in our culture.

Our desire is simple, we want you to live inspired. We become a reflection of the content we consume, so we curate all the good, wise and wonderful so you don’t have to. We are overwhelmed with social media sound bytes and headlines. So take back your content, and make it meaningful.

Whether it's a podcast on the train to work, a live webcast on Sunday night for perspective, a weekly newsletter to help you frame your week , or workshop to get you rising, we curate things that move you to make a difference in your own life. We bring you back to the lightest and most courageous parts of yourself.

As the curator & founder of this project I offer you more resilience, and less instruction. Not the "how to's" but the "have you thought about". Different perspective breeds empathy. So try a new perspective on for size.

We live our core values, and we are here to help you stay motivated to live yours.

We promise to help you..

CREATE CONNECTION. The intention is connection. We bring you the kind of connection that brings power and contentment to your life. We are here to remind humanity of our connectedness, in spite of our differences.

RADIATE GOODNESS. Everything we do is done with integrity, kindness and a passionate heart. It is pure intention, sincere kind of stuff. The kind that is born of radical empathy. We see you-you bright, shining, radiant you! Shine on.

BE COURAGEOUS. We think you're luminous and brilliant, and so very capable. We cherish your dreams as much as you do, and we are always on the sidelines cheering you on. We're there to encourage and support the next step no matter what that is. We've got the courage to share, when you feel like you're running low. Those limitations don't stand a chance.

LEARN THROUGH ADVENTURE. This big, beautiful world and all of the inhabitants have so much to teach. We delight in helping you get closer to new places and people around the globe Because curiosity is the greatest University you will ever attend. It's teachings are boundless.

HAVE MAGNETIC INSPIRATION. We believe in heart-centered, soul shining inspiration. It's a cozy kind of inspiration. It's bold in its content, but soft in its approach. You can't help but be drawn to the lessons of it, and carry them with you all throughout your day.

LIBERATE YOUR LIGHTHEARTED. We help you find it and let it all hang out. Self-reflection and thought-provoking content doesn't always have to be so heavy all the time. We infuse the process with a lighthearted undertone and a lot of laughter.

So come with us, feel Good, Wise and Wonderful every time you leave the house.