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40% of all food in America is wasted

A 4-person family wastes about $1,500 of food a year. The good news is we can change that!

The Natural Resources defense council has put together an AMAZING resource guide for all of us to learn how to lessen our impact.

The numbers are staggering:

50% of seafood, 48% of fruits and vegetables, 38% of grain products 22% of meat and 20% of the milk we buy are wasted.

There are huge impacts to wasted food on all resources, including water. To make 1 lb of that wasted chicken, you would have to run the shower for 104 minutes.

The Natural Resources Defense Council has put together an absolutely amazing resource for us all to help change the way we waste food.

The website,, has tips and tricks on how to shop, store and revive wilted foods to make sure we're being good stewards for the cause.

They make learning very easy, and interactive so you can even do it with your children to help be a good example. Save The Food shows you by food type, how to store it to keep it fresh, the best way to freeze it and how to revive it. And they have just about every food you can think of.

Here’s what they suggest for apples, for example:

Save The Food Apples

They have a dinner party portion calculator so that you don’t over purchase, and a meal prep mate to help you with your shopping list to eliminate waste.

Save the Food Calculator

And that, my friends, is Good, Wise and Wonderful.

So give it a look, and help do your part to save the food!